Why The Purple Office?

Why The Purple Office? Why not Green or Blue or Rainbow? Well it’s for lots of reasons, if you are interested;

  1. Purple is not Blue or Pink. Obvious huh? What we mean by this is, it is an all inclusive place for men and women. It’s not a female crusade to support local mums and neither is it a stuffy brown suit brigade full of accountants. So many stereotypes in one sentence! Oops. What we are trying to say is that we want to appeal to a wide market of like-minded individuals who want to work in the company of other super cool people. And we think that might be you!
  2. The colour associated with Epilepsy is Purple and we support the Epilepsy Foundation. Not just because we think supporting charity is important, but also because Epilepsy is close to our hearts. Read more about that here if you are at all interested.
  3. Purple is a nice colour.
  4. Purple makes us look sophisticated according to the colour-gurus. We aren’t that sophisticated but we like to pretend we are!

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