Easter Holidays in Cheshire West

It is currently Easter Holidays in Cheshire West. That means that the office has been quiet whilst the lucky ones among us hop off on their holidays.

That leaves some of us wanting in motivation, especially when the sun is shining. Thankfully we have had some summer tunes blasting out here at The Purple Office to lighten the mood. Obviously some serious work has been done as well, but it’s a common consensus between most of our clients that some music helps with concentration and motivation.

In the pipeline this week – we have a florist looking to use the space to create some floral designs, and an International communications company looking to use the meeting room. Both of these enquiries raised some points that may not be immediately obvious from our website;

  1. We have additional room for dispatch services, warehousing or workshop if required
  2. Our meeting room is 14ft x 15ft (that’s roughly 10sq meters) so it is great for small training events or meetings

So when you get back from your Easter holidays (if you are lucky enough to have taken one), why not give us a call and ask to have look around. We may even put some song requests for you on our office jukebox!

Happy Easter!

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